2016 ID man riding bikeCredentialled Diabetes Educator Jayne Lehmann has developed expertise in the care of people with diabetes and a disability and the needs of their paid/unpaid carers/support people. Jayne has been acknowledged for this work nationally and is a respected expert and presenter on the topic She was awarded the 2010 Peter Edward’s Memorial Award for services as an advocate and educator to people with a disability in South Australia. 

Services focus on the active involvement of the individual in their own care, to the best of their ability and include:

  • Individualised diabetes assessment and education
  • A manual and resources for support workers to use to care for people with diabetes and an intellectual disability or acquired brain injury
  • A multi-session Diabetes Care in the Community education program for support workers and nurses (including the administration of insulin)
  • Consultancy to address specific issues within organisations
  • Writing of policy and procedures in relation to diabetes care
  • Design of picture based low literacy education/information resources for people with very low literacy.
Individual diabetes care assessment and education sessions
  • Jayne works to understand the person’s abilities, skills and support networks to create a customised plan of care to address their unique needs   are available to support people with a disability to live a quality life with diabetes.
  • Jayne gets to know the person plus their support and diabetes care needs to actively involve the person with disability in their care. Simplified explanations, pictures, food models and low literacy handouts are all used to educate and inspire actions to help manage their diabetes.
  • Advice is provided to address specific care challenges
  • If diabetes care equipment is required, any physical or sensory issues are considered to match the person with the best diabetes technology
  • Strategies for people with low numeracy and low vision are used
  • If required, an individualised diabetes  support plan is constructed to guide support workers in the support required to address the person’s diabetes.
Do you bulk bill?
  • Yes! People with a disability and an eligible Enhanced Primary Care Plan, produced by their GP, with referrals allocated to Jayne Lehmann (Credentialled Diabetes Educator) are bulk billed. The best results are achieved if at least three appointments are allocated to Jayne, especially in the first year.
  • If all of the appointments have been allocated a fee for service appointment can be arranged.
Where can people with a disability see Jayne?

Jayne provides services in a number of clinics so choose the one you would like to visit and contact Jayne for an appointment.

Can an Auslan interpreter be arranged to come to the 2017 NABS logo re auslan interpretersappointment?

Yes! An Auslan interpreter can be arranged free of charge via the National Auslan Interpreter Booking and Payment Service (NABS). Appointments are more effective when combined with an interpreter and visual education tools and strategies.

What else can you provide to support people with a disability with their diabetes?

  • Organisations or individuals can request a home visit, assessment and review. 
  • Assessments can be provided via Skype for those further afield, or where it is difficult for the individual to attend face-to-face sessions. 
  • Teleconference consultancy calls with Jayne can be booked to utilise Jayne’s diabetes care and education expertise in this specialty area of practice across Australia. This is very beneficial for health and disability providers to support the management of individuals with challenging management issues.

These are all fee for service appointments. To ask for a quotation for this service contact Jayne Lehmann.

Front coverThere’s also a Diabetes Care and Support of People with Intellectual Disability or Acquired Brain Injury Manual and resources available for purchase from this site. This includes low literacy resources, BGM charts, health plan templates and more!

Production of low literacy resources  for organisations

Contact Jayne to find out more or to arrange a quotation.

Do you provide an education program for paid support workers to care for people with diabetes including insulin management?
YES!  To find out more click here!