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2017 Jayne head shop_edited-2Jayne Lehmann is the Director of EdHealth Australia and graduated from Flinders University with a Diploma of Applied Science (Nursing) in 1984. She began her clinical career working as a Registered Nurse with people with diabetes in 1985 at Flinders Medical Centre in South Australia. Time spent on the diabetes ward of the hospital set the scene for a career in diabetes care and education. Embarking on a Bachelor of Nursing with a major in education at Flinders University in 1989, Jayne published her first peer review article in 1992 in the Advanced Journal of Nursing on the screening, diagnosis and education of women with gestational diabetes.

The first ten years of Jayne’s diabetes focussed career were spent working in the Diabetes Education Unit at Flinders Medical Centre. Initially the Clinical Nurse, Jayne was appointed Clinical Nurse Consultant of the Unit, where she gained clinical experience in the care of children, adolescents and adults with type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes and diabetes during pregnancy.

Jayne in blue circle photoIn 1996 Jayne started EdHealth Australia, a diabetes care and education business that has enabled her to broaden the reach and depth of her work. A range of organisations in South Australia and interstate have worked with Jayne to design and implement high quality diabetes care and support policies, systems and services. In 2016 Jayne created DE@Connect to support grassroots health professionals with the information, resources and tips to provide quality diabetes care as a strategy to get more people with diabetes reaching their glycaemic targets.


A special interest in the diabetes care and education of people with an intellectual disability has enabled Jayne to provide a valuable clinical and consultancy service to support improved health outcomes in this area of care. Seeing a need to increase the knowledge and skills of support workers, Jayne produced the first comprehensive education program on diabetes care, including insulin management, in Australia. This program included a robust evaluation process to ensure organisations will feel more confident to delegate the administration or supervision of insulin management to their support workers. The course is currently being reviewed and an online version is being written for on-line education.

McVilly et al article snipJayne is consulted for her expertise in this area across Australia and was a co-author in 2014 on a Systematic Literature Review published on the topic in Diabetic Medicine in 2014.


2016 website CDE logoJayne’s professional leadership is extensive. Active involvement in the Australian Diabetes Educator’s Association has seen her appointed to a broad range of positions and committees in South Australia and nationally. Jayne also worked with colleagues to set-up and convene the ADEA Private Practice Special Interest group.  The Australian Diabetes Educator journal evolved from a newsletter to journal under Jayne’s eight year as Managing Editor of the publication.

Jayne is currently a member of the Intellectual Disability Health Round table convened by Commonwealth Health Minister, Hon. Greg Hunt, in 2019; a member of the South Australian Community Visitor’s Scheme; ADEA Nursing Diabetes Framework Expert Advisory Group and SA Health Disease Prevention, Health Promotion and Population Health Committee.

Jayne has been awarded a number of awards and grants to acknowledge and progress her work. An evidence based approach is embedded into her work with people with diabetes including involvement in research studies that have been published and presented at national and international conferences.

Jayne was announced as the Credentialled Diabetes Educator of the Year for South Australia in August 2017. Read the profile Flinders University of South Australia published in November 2017 on Jayne!

Jayne was also a semi-finalist in the South Australian Carer’s Achievement Awards for 2019