Testimonials are a way for us to enable our clients and course participants to tell others about their experience with EdHealth Australia’s services. There are also a number of publications who have written about our work.

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Testimonial: Diabetes 4 Disability course

“EdHealth have made the training process for all of our staff so simple. They have been very accommodating to fit us in, even with last minute changes. The training has been very thorough and we now feel comfortable assisting our diabetic (sic) client. Could not recommend this training provider highly enough.” Tegan N. (S.A.) 22/3/2024

Article: Raise Diabetes Care for People with Intellectual Disability

Click! to read a story published in June 2020 on the Diabetes and Disability education program and NDIS services provided by EdHealth.

Feedback on Jayne Lehmann’s application and announcement as an APNA 2021 Nurse of the Year Finalist

“The selection panel was particularly impressed with Jayne’s advocacy work and ability to represent nurses to health and disability organization’s across the country.”

Ausmed 2 day Conference: Diabetes Management Update 2018

  • “Thoroughly enjoyed the two days; [I] feel I have gathered quite a bit of new information…made me think about doing things a little differently.”
  • “Informative and clear, with added commentary was very good.”
  • “It has inspired me to find out more, improve my practice and teach others in my ward what I’ve learned.”
  • “[Presentations] were excellent.”
  • “Well put together.”
  • “Enjoyed the flow of the two days – each subject moving on to the next.”
  • “Jayne presented her material well and was easy to talk to when you wanted to ask questions.”

Testimonial: Diabetes Care in the Community

 “I cannot stress enough how important it has been for us as an organisation to access the Diabetes Care in the Community Training through Edhealth Australia. It has made such a difference in our clients’ life.

Harry (de-identified) is in 24/7 accommodation support due to high-risk behaviours associated with his disability, mental health and physical care. He is not able to self-administer his twice daily insulin due to a lack of physical capacity and has historically had to go to his GP or the hospital to have his insulin injected. Harry sometimes had to wait for hours to have his morning and evening insulin injection given by health professionals; due to his remote location he was not able to have services visit his home.

Harry’s ability to access his community when he wanted, and to achieve his life goals were significantly impacted. He developed significant behaviours of concern that impacted on his health, the community and his level of risk.

Now that staff (support workers) are trained to administer his daily insulin and have a clear understanding of his diabetes health, Harry no longer needs to wait for the appointment times and schedules of health professionals. He has the freedom to live his life and achieve his goals in his own time.

Not only have health professionals, stakeholders and staff noted a significant change in Harry’s wellbeing and behaviour; Harry himself has too. He has the freedom to access the community in his own chosen time which offers more opportunities to engage in activities and achieve his individual goals.

Many thanks to Jayne and Edhealth for making this possible; for being so flexible and wonderful to work with; for delivering such important training to staff who support those in the community with very specific health needs in a way that holds the client as the central and most important person in that system. Thank you!”

Leigh Bateman Team Leader in Disability at Life Without Barriers

Feedback from other education sessions presented by Jayne …

“Bubbly personality good”.

“This whole presentation was excellent in every way – always difficult after lunch but kept everyone interacting – more of this type of presentation please.”

“A presenter who knows how to appeal to the masses!”

“Easy to listen to!”

“Awesome that Jayne discussed and demonstrated the importance of being familiar with technology.”

“Jayne is a fantastic presenter.”

“Very interactive and easy to understand.”

 Staff education of disability support workers – November 2016

2016 Website Testimonial 2
2016 Testimonial website 3
2016 Website Testimonial 1

Flinders University of SA Graduate Certificate in Primary Health Care (Diabetes Management and Education) Jayne Lehmann presented ‘Writing a Business Plan”, Private Practice’ and ‘Diabetes and Disability’ sessions.

November 2016 

“Extremely helpful! Jayne’s knowledge is exceptional in this area! Thought-provoking and promoting us all to challenge ourselves to provide exceptional, individualised care for ALL out clients including people with a disability. Many thanks Jayne. I’ve learnt more than you know! Highlight of my day!”

“Disability session very interesting. I could have listened to her a lot longer. Her sessions need to be longer.”

“Excellent presentation. Inside view of the industry. Jayne was very knowledgeable.”

“Useful for future career and wanting to work in private practice, and also good for those wanting to do business plan.”

“Excellent presenter. I found the session both informative and beneficial.”

“Really enjoyed this session, some really useful information. Good insight into private practice.”

“Very useful and informative sessions. Excellent and broad knowledge and personal experience.”

“Great session, Jayne has so much knowledge and experience to give, enjoyed listening and learning from her.”

“Great insight, information, advice, practical, addressed accounting. Disability was profoundly moving and informative. Thank you.”