Articles by Jayne Lehmann are often published in the medical and diabetes care consumer press and websites. In 2016 Jayne became a Medical Observer blogger and health professionals can follow Jayne’s blogs by visiting the Medical Observer blog site once you have subscribed to the publication on-line. Then go to Medical Observer’s blog section, find Jayne’s listing and subscribe to receive her blogs in your inbox.

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How to ace diabetes when living alone!  by Jayne Lehmann Diabetic Living April 2017

Can Diabetes Type 2 be reversed? Experts answer.  You will find a number of diabetes education experts answering this question, including Jayne Lehmann – scroll to the bottom of the article for Jayne’s response!


McVilly et al article snipDiabetes in people with an intellectual disability: a systematic review of prevalence, incidence and impact by K. McVilly, J. McGillivray, A. Curtis, J. Lehmann, L. Morrish and J. Speight. in Diabetic Medicine 2014

Diabetes care of people with intellectual disability  2016 Feb ID and Diabetes article DASA

Australian Association of Developmental Disability-Article on Diabetes Assessment and Education Clinic for People with Intellectual Disability  AADDM newsletter August 2011 Issue 15

CDE article-Success in Practice – 2012 FINAL

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Measuring diabetes related attitudes: the use of a USA developed instrument with Australian nurses  Patient Education and Counselling October 1996, Volume 29 No. 1 pages 41 – 47


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