Research is an important part of professional practice. Questioning what we as diabetes ADEA Conference 2007 045educators do, makes for a quality approach to the services provided and strategies used to educate and support people with diabetes.

Jayne has presented many oral presentations, posters and clinical papers on the original research she integrates into her clinical practice in Australia and overseas at diabetes, nursing and disability focussed conferences and publications.

IMG_4041The Check, Think and Act is a paper based resource Jayne has designed and
trialed to help people with diabetes to understand what their blood glucose numbers mean. To support people with diabetes to achieve their blood glucose targets, this resource takes them through a process of checking their blood glucose level, thinking about what the number means and then acting on the number to keep it in the healthy range. This is the key to diabetes management explained in a visual manner. Click on the link to see the poster Jayne presented at the 2016 ADS ADEA Conference on the Gold Coast in August.2016 ADS ADEA Conference Check, Think and Act research poster

Jayne Lehmann and Victoria Stevenson, a Victorian RN CDE investigated diabetes educator beliefs around people with diabetes and an intellectual disability in 2012 and presented their findings in a poster at the 2013 International Diabetes Federation Congress in Melbourne. Click on the link to see the poster! 2013 poster DE beliefs PWDID

Past research

2016  Impact of the Check, Think and Act Resource on Undergraduate Podiatry Student’s Learning (with Dr Sara Jones).

2014   Diabetes in People with Intellectual & Developmental Disability – Incidence, Understanding & Management. (with Prof. Jane Speight,  Assoc. Prof. Keith McVilly, Assoc. Prof. Jane McGillray, Lucy Morrish and Ashlee Curtis from Deakin University in Victoria.

2013 Beliefs of Australian Diabetes Educators in the Care and Education of People with Diabetes and Intellectual Disability.

2011 Impact on Glycosylated Haemoglobin and Service Satisfaction from the Introduction of a Diabetes Assessment and Education Clinic at Minda in SA for people with intellectual disability.

2010 Diabetes Care Audit of a South Australian Disability Care Organisation.

2009 Profiling Private Practice Credentialled Diabetes Educators.

2008  Acceptability of a Waiting Room Questionnaire to Focus Education Sessions.

2007 Self Employed Credentialled Diabetes Educators Hit the Spot! ( with Lauren Botting).

1993  Evaluation Study of the Flinders Clinic Diabetes Management and Education Clinic.

1990 – 1994 The Attitudes of Nurses to Diabetes Mellitus – from Novice to Expert. Conducted in collaboration with Ms. Meri King and Dr. Rosalyn Shute and Paul Williamson from University of SA.

1991 The Identification, Treatment and Prevention of Hypoglycaemia by Nursing Staff at Flinders Medical Centre.

1988 The Screening, Diagnosis and Education of Women with Gestational Diabetes in South Australia.