Diabetes Awareness Week 2016 – Same old, same old!

Yet again a negative and frightening national awareness campaign has been launched into the media and social media channels across Australia by Diabetes Australia (DA). This will be my thirty-first Diabetes Awareness Week and unfortunately will yet again increase diabetes distress in many people with diabetes as well as those yet to be diagnosed. There

Twitter – A DE tool for good not evil!

I need to declare from the outset – like many of my colleagues in the BTE (that’s Before Twitter Experience!) period I did not see a place for technological platforms in my diabetes education. Now ATE (After Twitter Experience!) there’s no stopping me! Previous blogs have looked at my introduction to Twitter at the ADS/ADEA

Social Media – Another tool in the Diabetes Educators’ tool kit!

Jayne Lehmann RN CDE Much of my time as a diabetes educator is spent supporting people in their quest for knowledge, skills and empowerment around their diabetes and its care. Until a year or so ago I hadn’t even considered social media as a skill I needed in my toolkit of education and consulting skills. That all changed after attending

Can Diabetes Educators use Twitter to Support Experienced Type 1s?

Jayne Lehmann RN CDE Part 2: Twitter – A tool for good not evil! In the second part of this blog on Twitter and its use by diabetes educators, the role it can play in supporting people who have had type 1 diabetes for a long time and are confidently self managing, or the veteran T1s, is explored. Twitter enables people to share

New Year’s Resolutions – A taste of life with diabetes

Did you make a new year’s resolution? Many people start the new year off with one or more resolutions.  Mostly their resolutions focus on things like planning to lose weight, get more exercise, stop smoking or drinking too much alcohol, decrease stress or increase time with family and friends. (Interesting that they all focus on positively influencing