Young Woman Discussing Problems With Counselor
Mentors improve potential

Successful people are more likely to identify and engage in a number of successful mentor relationships over the course of their career. Much like the Master and her/his Apprentice, knowledge and wisdom are shared to fast track a quality skillset in the apprentice. People who seek mentors can progress their personal development and career to a new level of achievement and success.

Jayne Lehmann has a proven track record as a health professional achieving high quality outcomes in business and over a thirty year professional career as a Credentialled Diabetes Educator and Registered Nurse. Announced as the CDE of the Year in South Australia in 2017, Jayne shares her knowledge and skills via a mentoring service that leads mentees through a structured process to help them to identify and achieve their professional goals and flourish. Jayne’s extensive experience as an author, blogger, clinician, educator, innovator, presenter, researcher, small business owner and social media user provides a broad offering of expertise to invest in the mentee for a sustained and interesting relationship.

Mentoring can help you to:

… achieve the next level in your chosen health focussed or diabetes care and education career

… evolve your business skills for improved business planning and achievements

… flourish!

Contact Jayne to find out more.

Clinic Visits for Health Professionals
It is amazing how much you learn when you see an expert clinician in action.

Minda waiting room photo They make it all look so easy as they combine evidence based practice with effective strategies to assess and review individuals quickly and effectively.

Health professionals have the opportunity to sit-in on a clinic with Jayne Lehmann to further their understanding of diabetes care and education. This service is useful for any health professional with an interest in diabetes care and education and those working towards their credentialling with the Australian Diabetes Educator’s Association. Student nurses are also welcome to consider this service because it will fast track your knowledge around diabetes and its care.

There is also the opportunity to learn more about the strategies Jayne has pioneered in the education of people with an intellectual disability by arranging to sit-in on her clinic at Minda, disability organisation in Brighton, South Australia.

To find out more email Jayne.