Jayne Lehmann is a Registered Nurse Credentialled Diabetes Educator who understands it can be  tough living with diabetes. Finding someone to turn to when you need Young Woman Discussing Problems With Counselorhelp to keep things in perspective makes sense. Jayne supports people to live a healthy life by helping you to better understand their version of diabetes. Jayne talks to, and more importantly, listens to people with diabetes all the time as a Credentialled Diabetes Educator. She stays up-to-date with the latest news, views and research and technology to help you to come up with practical ways to manage your diabetes care.

As a Credentialled Diabetes Educator, Jayne provides people with diabetes with the education, support and inspiration they need to live a healthy life with diabetes. The treatment and lifestyle suggestions to treat your diabetes starts to make a lot more sense if you get a better understanding of what is happening inside of your body to cause diabetes. Before you know it you will be back on track to good health.

How can Jayne help me manage my diabetes?

  • Support coming to come to terms with diabetes
  • Education about diabetes to turn the clock back on how it affects your body
  • Exploring how food, exercise and stress send blood glucose levels up and down
  • Eating healthily and staying active for good health
  • Counselling support when diabetes gets you down
  • Working out ways to manage life’s stress and everyday irritations
  • What to do when sick
  • Structured blood glucose monitoring lets you reduce the quantity of checks for quality outcomes
  • How to check, think and act on blood glucose readings to get on top of the highs and lows
  • Understanding how diabetes medications work and their potential side effects
  • Starting insulin with confidence
  • How to prevent and treat other health problems associated with diabetes
  • Foot and skin care in diabetes management.

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Jayne has the newest blood glucose meter technology available and provides people with a free meter, if required.  in her clinics.

Make an appointment by calling 0412 102 048