Type of appointment Length Cost Medicare Comments
Standard Appointment

Medium appointment

Long appointment

30 min.

45 min.

60 min.







Medicare reimbursement applies with a valid Chronic Disease Management  referral form for diabetes education, dated prior to first appointment.

Appointments can be arranged without referral. Medicare reimbursement will not apply.




Not eligible for a Chronic Disease Management Medicare referral as this is not a chronic disease lasting over 6 months.

Insulin initiation only 60 min. $180 $53.80
Gestational diabetes initial education and blood glucose monitoring

60 min. $180 Nil
Gestational diabetes subsequent appointment 30 min. $90 Nil Private health insurance reimbursement and NDIS may apply. Please check with your insurer and NDIS funding plan for Capacity Building Funding.
People with a disability or those experiencing financial stress can discuss their situation with Jayne for bulk billing consideration before the appointment.

Appointments can also be provided  via on-line video conferencing however Medicare reimbursement is not available for this service. This service is particularly helpful for busy Executives, people living in rural, remote areas or disability/health organisations outside of South Australia.

Continuous glucose monitoring services available including assessment for the new NDSS Type 1 Diabetes Continuous Glucose Monitoring Eligibility Assessment for children and young adults under 21 years of age. Find out more

People who are 21 years and older with a concession are also eligible for government support to access CGM.

Choose the clinic location of your choice and contact Jayne to book an appointment.