EdHealth Australia  works with people with a disability and their circle of support to design person centred diabetes care, education and support strategies to improve their diabetes health. 

EdHealth has pioneered strategies to help people with an intellectual, cognitive or psycho-social disability and disability support organisations with their diabetes care and support. All resources and information address the person’s specific needs and their active involvement, to the best of their ability. 

The Diabetes 4 Disability program consists of a range of options

  • Comprehensive assessment of a person’s diabetes and disability support needs
  • A Report – outlining diabetes care, education and support needs and recommendations

– NDIS end of plan and ‘Change of Circumstance’ recommendations

– Insurance claim recommendations for diabetes care, education and support

  • Diabetes Management Plan (DMP) – person centred information and advice for people with a disability and their support workers written on colourful templates that are easy to read and find information.

Add-ons include:

* an introduction of the DMP to the staff so your workers know how to use this great resource.

* 6 monthly review and update

* Quiz to check staff knowledge of the DMP

  • Diabetes Manual and resources for support workers
  • Consulting to disability organisations in the development of their diabetes support quality and safety framework, including NDIS requirements and review and writing of diabetes support and associated policies and procedures.

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