Isn’t it illegal for support workers to administer insulin?

No. Many disability organisations are told it is illegal for support workers to be trained to administer insulin but this is not true. Support workers are unregulated health workers and as such, if an organisation provides the appropriate quality education and policy/procedure support the manager of the service can legally delegate the injecting of insulin to the support workers.

This is why the EdHealth Australia program is comprehensive. Managers need to feel confident their staff are learning the depth of knowledge and skills required if they are to inject a person’s insulin.

Support workers can legally give insulin…

Jayne Lehmann (pictured left, receiving Life Membership from the Australian Diabetes Educator’s Association from President Brett Fenton for Outstanding and Innovative Service across diabetes and disability sectors in 2018) is a leading Australian advocate for, and expert in, the delivery of high quality  diabetes care to disability support workers. She paved the way and has been a major influence in the majority of projects, resource development and innovation over the past 5 years, to support people with intellectual disability to stay on track to good health with their diabetes in Australia.

Support workers can be trained to give insulin to people with diabetes receiving services from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). As long as there is a quality and safety infrastructure to support the extended scope of practice of support workers. This includes a range of services EdHealth Australia can provide as a NDIS provider in all states and territories of Australia. Click here for more information on NDIS funded diabetes care supports from EdHealth Australia

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EdHealth Australia’s Diabetes for Disability Care Course … first on-line course with a nursing specialist in diabetes care and support of people with intellectual disability.



Online diabetes training for disability support workers covering the theory and practice of contemporary diabetes care, including insulin administration when required, is available from EdHealth Australia. Tick the safety and quality boxes set by the NDIS Commission with our  training and evaluation program to extend the scope of practice of your support workers. To find out more about the course, its modules and comprehensive evaluation processes  Click Here.


Training is not the only part of the equation for NDIS clients with diabetes … they do better with a comprehensive and individualised Diabetes Management Plan (DMP). Jayne Lehmann creates EdHealth Australia’s DMPs. She has the most experience in diabetes care in people with intellectual disability in Australia and purposefully creates easy to understand plans for support workers to use to support people to live healthy and safe lives, despite their diabetes. As soon as you see one of EdHealth Australia’s DMPs you know you are dealing with experts, no matter how the person’s diabetes is managed

  • Find out more about EdHealth Australia’s Diabetes Management Planning service …  Click Here
  • Find out about the other services and resources EdHealth Australia can provide          Click Here
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EdHealth Australia’s new online offering Healthy Lifestyle Support in the near future/ This online education session is for all support workers because it will teach them about the Australian health system, how often people need to see their doctor for good health and basic health checks that will help them to support the person to stay healthy.  Disability support organisations will want to add this one to their induction programs!

To discuss your staff education and consultancy needs and to arrange for a quotation for the delivery of services contact Jayne Lehmann.    Phone: 0412 102 048    Email: