EdHealth Australia is a NDIS Provider of Community Nursing Services in all States and Territories. We provide high quality diabetes care support services for people with intellectual disability and other disabilities. These sessions are possible using online video technology to bring the best in contemporary diabetes care and education to people across Australia.

Diabetes Management Plan

People with diabetes and a disability often require the support of others to care for their diabetes. Providing a written document that addresses the needs of a person’s support people and their own needs around their diabetes care is the mark of a quality Diabetes Management Plan. On that makes it clear how to support the person to live a healthy life with their diabetes.

Jayne Lehmann from EdHealth Australia has developed a focus on supporting people with intellectual disability with their diabetes care. She has skills in diabetes care, person centred support, creation of low literacy resources and understands the disability sector. A Diabetes Management Plan written by Jayne will be:

Easy to read             Practical                Evidence based                  Comprehensive                     Effective

Available to NDIS participants via Online Video Services and Face-to-Face in metropolitan South Australia.

Jayne has a comprehensive approach to assessing an individual’s needs. The plan addresses the needs of the individual and their support people by focusing on the practical. The aim is for the information to deliver quality diabetes care that is responsive to the changing nature of diabetes.  Low literacy resources are integrated, as appropriate, to further support the person with diabetes with a disability in their diabetes care, to the best of their ability.


A quotation to develop an individualised Diabetes Management Plan is provided to an individual for NDIS funding consideration within a current or future plan. Funding comes from the Capacity Building Improved Daily Living budget by a Clinical Nurse Consultant am rate.


To find out more, call Jayne on 041 210 2048 or email jayne@edhealth.com.au