The work Registered Nurse and Credentialled Diabetes Educator Jayne Lehmann does to improve and support the care of people with intellectual disability and diabetes is person centred in a way few others can achieve. That’s because she understands the challenges of having an intellectual disability.

Jayne has lived experience of caring for her daughter Sarah, who had a severe intellectual disability from Dravet Syndrome. Sadly, Sarah unexpectedly died at the end of 2019, two days before her 26th birthday. Support workers helped Jayne and her family care with Sarah’s care across her lifetime. In turn this has provided her with unique insights and understanding of their diabetes training needs. Jayne continues to be an effective advocate for quality healthcare to people with intellectual disability across Australia and was a contributor to the 2019 COVID 19 emergency response plan for people with intellectual disability in Australia and the Intellectual Disability Round Table advising the Department of Health.

Jayne combined her insights from Sarah’s care with 35 years of diabetes care and education experience. Mix it all together and you have someone who really understands the challenges for people with intellectual disability, support workers and disability support organisations around diabetes care.  Unique strategies have been used by Jayne to connect with her client with diabetes and intellectual disability. 

Jayne is a popular presenter and advocate, encouraging health professionals to create accessible services to people with different disabilities for the same quality of diabetes care as people without a disability.

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