Keep Sight is a new program designed to reach 600,000+ people with diabetes who are not currently having eye checks completed. There are a number of different elements to the website based program, with information for health professionals and people with diabetes registered with the National Diabetes Services Scheme.

Diabetes Australia has launched the website with information for people with diabetes, who have an increased risk of blindness. A simple eye check every 1-2 years with an optician or ophthalmologist is all it takes to prevent many people from losing their sight. To help people to remember to book their eye test, a new reminder service has been included on the website. People with diabetes can sign-up to receive a reminder to book their eye check via email, SMS or post.

Information on eye health and the causes of diabetes related eye conditions is available on the site, which is valuable for people with diabetes and health professionals wanting to update their knowledge in this area of care.

People with diabetes can play their part by:

Looking at the website and reading the information on diabetes and eye health

Sign-up for reminders and attending your eye review

Manage your blood glucose levels, blood pressure and cholesterol within the healthy targets

Go and see the optician or ophthalmologist if you have any unusual eye problem

Vision 2020 Australia is working with the eye care sector to mobilise professional engagement and foster collaboration. Over and above the website, the national campaign – funded by the Australian Government, Specsavers, and pharma companies Bayer and Novartis – will use television, radio, and digital advertising.

The program has widespread industry support from leading diabetes and eye health groups including Optometry Australia, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists, Orthoptics Australia, Australian Diabetes Society and the Australian Diabetes Educators Association.

Health professionals can play their part and:

Go to the Keep Sight website to have a look

Read the information on eye health and diabetes to update your knowledge

Consider signing up as a health professional to support the input of the eye check results onto the website.

Tell people with diabetes about the Keep Sight website and encourage them to register for eye reviews

Nurses doing GP Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements for people with diabetes could include this in their annual review with the person.

Share information about the site with others in your workplace.