Diabetes 4 Disability Support – Complete online course


The Diabetes 4 Disability Support  provides support workers with the knowledge and skills to to administer insulin or support a person to self administer their own insulin. It has been designed by Jayne Lehmann RN CDE to address the specific needs of disability support workers.

The course includes:

  • Module 1 Overview of diabetes care
  • Module 2 Blood glucose monitoring
  • Module 3 Insulin support and administration

Each Module has a quiz at the end, that you are required to achieve a score of over 80%. Multiple attempts allowed.

  • Online Skills Check by a Credentialled Diabetes Educator to check you have an accurate blood glucose monitoring and insulin administration skills technique.

A practice Loan pack can be ordered. This will include a blood glucose meter, strips, quality control solution, insulin device, needles, practice administration resource will be posted to you. You use the equipment in Module 2 and Module 3 when learning how to use the equipment in the course. Then they are used to demonstrate your technique for evaluation in the Skills Check Online session. You post the equipment back to us at your expense.

Cost:  1 meter and insulin device      $38.00

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Author: Edhealth Australia

I have written and produced the Diabetes Care in the Community Course for Support Workers. I am also the administrator of the course.

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