2017 Jayne head shop_edited-2Diabetes care is delivered by disability and aged care support workers and health professionals across the health and personal care sectors. To provide quality care, up-to-date knowledge and skills in contemporary diabetes management are essential.

 Jayne Lehmann is a Registered Nurse and Credentialled Diabetes Educator with thirty four years experience in the care of people with diabetes. Jayne’s formal studies in education provide a firm foundation to her delivery of highly evaluated, interactive, effective and dynamic education sessions to a range of audiences, including online.

2017 CDE-of-the-year-logo-Jayne-LehmannAnnounced as the CDE of the Year in South Australia in 2017, Jayne’s sense of humour, interaction, clinical examples and individualisation of content delivers an enjoyable and effective training experience.

 Disability Support Worker Training

EdHealth Australia and Jayne Lehmann are known for their high quality education of support workers in disability care.!I Heart NDIS - website button                                                                                                             

Online Diabetes Care in the Community for Support Workers – ideal for support worker training AND may be eligible for NDIS funding as EdHealth To Australia is a NDIS provider.

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Jayne Lehmann went to Port Pirie in July 2018 to train support workers for South Australian disability support organisation CARA. Selfie time … Nice looking bunch aren’t we!

With her expertise in the diabetes care and education of people with intellectual disability you will want Jayne training your staff.

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