2017 Jayne head shop_edited-2Diabetes care is delivered by disability and aged care support workers and health professionals across the health and personal care sectors. To provide quality care, up-to-date knowledge and skills in contemporary diabetes management quality training is essential.

 Jayne Lehmann is a Registered Nurse, Credentialled Diabetes Educator and Director of EdHealth Australia,  with thirty five years experience in the care of people with diabetes. Jayne’s formal studies in nursing, diabetes care, education and clinical care provides a firm foundation to her delivery of highly evaluated, interactive, effective and dynamic education sessions to a range of audiences, including online training.

Jayne’s understanding of the needs of support workers  comes from lived experience in caring for her daughter who lived with a severe intellectual disability until she was nearly 26 years of age. “We have worked side-by-side with support workers when Sarah lived at home, in respite, school holiday programs and supported accommodation”. This was the impetus for designing a comprehensive education program to set support workers up to successfully, safely and confidently look after people with diabetes. “There are others who offer education sessions for an hour or two to teach support workers how to care for people with diabetes and give insulin but I know from experience that is not enough to provide quality and safe diabetes care.” Jayne said when launching the new on-line version of the course in April 2019. “Support workers aren’t trained on diabetes or its care in the certificate III or IV courses. We need to ‘retro-fit’ their knowledge and add a individualised Diabetes Management Plan to guide them in the individualised needs of each person.”

2017 CDE-of-the-year-logo-Jayne-LehmannAnnounced as the CDE of the Year in South Australia in 2017, Jayne’s sense of humour, interaction, clinical examples and individualisation of content delivers an enjoyable and effective training experience.

 Disability Support Worker Training

EdHealth Australia and Jayne Lehmann are known for their high quality education of support workers in disability care.                                                                                                              

Online Diabetes Care in the Community for Support Workers – ideal for support worker training AND may be eligible for NDIS funding as EdHealth To Australia is a NDIS provider.

Jayne created and has delivered the three module Diabetes for Disability Care education program in South Australia since 2010. Later adapted to an online training course as well, many South Australian and interstate disability organisations confidently delegate insulin management and support to their support workers due to their confidence in this successful education program. The three module program format makes it easy for services and NDIS clients to customise the education to suit the needs of people with diabetes managed with diet, exercise and stress management alone or those requiring diabetes medication, including injectables like insulin.

  • Diabetes care in the community –  update provides an overview of type 1 and type 2 diabetes diagnosis, its care and support in people with intellectual disability. (3 – 6* hours)
  • Blood glucose monitoring – -hour theory and practice session using a specific blood glucose meter. Participants learn how to accurately check, think and act on blood glucose levels for quality results. (2-4* hours)
  • Insulin management by support workers –  theory and practice of administering or supporting someone with their insulin using disposable or cartridge insulin pen. Includes the identification, treatment and prevention of hypoglycaemia. (2 – 4* hours)

*Hours stated vary, depending on the participant’s English and computer skills and technology they are using

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Evaluation of diabetes skills

A robust evaluation program  makes sure support workers gain the knowledge and skills to care for people  with diabetes.

  • A quiz at the end of each Module (over 80% to pass).
  • An audit of technique in an Online Skills Session (OSS) by a Credentialled Diabetes Educator ensures accurate skills.
  • Person centred care reinforced with information about the client’s insulin and blood glucose monitoring systems discussed in the OSS.

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Jayne Lehmann went to Port Pirie in July 2018 to train support workers for South Australian disability support organisation CARA. Selfie time … Nice looking bunch aren’t we!

With her expertise in the diabetes care and education of people with intellectual disability you will want EdHealth Australia to train your staff.

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