Each person’s diabetes is different …

Jayne Lehmann from EdHealth Australia provides diabetes care and education to help people 2017 Jayne head shop_edited-2with diabetes stay on track and live a healthy life with their diabetes. Appointments available in three locations and services available and their costs are found here.

Jayne works with people with diabetes and as a Credentialled Diabetes Educator for 30 years she understands it can be challenging living with diabetes. Jayne has a lot of experience supporting people to manage the physical and emotional side of having a condition that needs attention each and every day. She was also announced as CDE of the Year for South Australia in August 2017.

Jayne’s experience includes the care and education of people with :

Appointments focus on answering the questions the person with diabetes wants answered about their self care. This strengthens diabetes care knowledge and skills and empowers people to be able to improve their diabetes management. The physical and emotional sides of diabetes are explored and everyday problem solving that helps people understand what to do day-to-day but also when it is time to get some help from their health team.

Additional services include:

Do the quiz to see if key issues in diabetes care are causing you a challenge. If they are, book an appointment with Jayne to discuss them further.

Book an appointment

To book an appointment phone Jayne on 0412 102 048 or email jayne@edhealth.com.au.

To book an appointment at the clinic on the Minda campus in Brighton, call Colleen on  08 8422 6365. While this clinic tends to cater mostly for people with a disability people without disability are free to be seen there as well. It is a welcoming environment and caters for people of all capacities! To find out more click here.

Make the most of your appointment

It’s a good idea to review your blood glucose levels before you come to see Jayne if you have a blood glucose meter. Check your levels before and 2 hours after each meal and before bed for three days in a row. It might sound like a lot doing seven finger-pricks for three days, but the information you gather will help you to make the most of your appointment.

We will work out how often you need to keep monitoring at our appointment. If all is going well and you aren’t on insulin or a sulphonylurea tablet there’s a chance you will be able to have a break from monitoring for a bit. It’s all about being smart with the way you get your information and not checking your levels for the sake of it!

Click on the link below to make the most of your appointment!.

Information for GP and Obstetric services

Medicare reimbursement for the services of a Credentialled Diabetes Educator and other allied health providers has opened up opportunities for GPs to develop their own extended multi-disciplinary diabetes management teams. This provides people with diabetes with referrals to quality nursing and allied health providers and ensures a pathway for coordination of an individuals care. If you want to discuss using EdHealth Australia’s diabetes assessment and education services using a GP referral click on the link and print the letter off and take to the GP.

GP or Obstetric services looking for referral information about Jayne Lehmann’s services can  find out more here.

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