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  1. The journey begins with a chat Click! the link to listen to the podcast

2. ADC week. Tuesday Click! the link to listen to the podcast

3. Hypo unawareness master class and radical approach to the ‘diabetic foot’

Click! the link to listen to the podcast

4. Self-employed CDEs … Wooshkaa … and engaging the unengaged

5. SGLT2 + surgery = Danger … danger … Will Robinson!

6. Checklists and ups and downs of social media

7. She said, he said and other blood glucose monitoring dilemmas. Meta analysis on BGM for

people with type 2 diabetes

Articles: Malanda      Farmer

Articles with the Argument for people with type 2 diabetes doing structured blood glucose

monitoring commentaries challenging Malanda et al. Meta Analysis: 

Diabetes Care Journal        Current Research and Opinion Journal

Blog: Type 2 Diabetes BGM Strip Restrictions – CDE Survival Guide  by Jayne Lehmann


8. Health professional non-compliance … AKA Therapeutic Inertia

9. Ode to relationships formed and farewelled
10.  I went walking … What did Eliza see?
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11. Pharmacy the next D frontier

12.  Technology an insider’s view + Jayne’s favourite pastime …diabetes shopping!
14. And they’re back … chatting about the acute care vs. chronic care diabetes management continuum
15. Covid19 – Diabetes Issues to Contemplate

ADEA COVID19 updates

Commonwealth Government COVID19 Resources

ADEA Private Practice COVID19 impact survey

COVID19 outbreak: guidance for people with diabetes

NDIS and COVID19 response


16. COVID19 – The Rise of the CDE
17. COVID19 – To Infinity and Beyond for Diabetes Care Impacts and Opportunities 
18. COVID19 – Think you KNOW diabetes? Not this one!

  Click here to go to Know Diabetes website

19. Insulin replicators and price impact (AKA biosimilars)

The term Replicator comes from a show called Stargate. A bug, they replicated themselves. The photo to the left shows what they looked like!

21. Health Professional, Health Professional, lend me your ears!

KnowDiabetes – A platform for diabetes educators to join and people with diabetes to use to see the

diabetes educator of their choice!

Diabetes Kit Chat –

24. Reality hits Omicron … and Jayne … as Kirrily gets to sound pretty!
  • Health Direct: Managing COVID19 at home
  • How much do pulse oximeters cost – Generally between $20 and $100.Find out more information here on pulse oximeters and their use in the management of Omicron symptoms.

25 Give them an inch and before you know it they are prescribing!

26. Warning: Diabetes sick days just got sicker!

COVID antivirals

27. GLP1 Shortages – How many elephants in the room?

28. 1 light bulb + lived experience = better health for people with


EdHealth services for people with a disability…

Pharmaceutical Society Australia – PSA submission to the Disability Royal Commission:


PSA Medicine Safety: Disability Care – Safer Medicines Use in People with Disability


AIHW – People with a disability in Australia Report –

People with disability in Australia, Access to health services – Australian Institute of Health and

Welfare (

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health: Health and Access to Health

Services for People with Disability in Australia: Data and Data Gaps –

IJERPH | Free Full-Text | Health and Access to Health Services for People with Disability in

Australia: Data and Data Gaps (

Julian’s Key Hospital Passport template – Julian-s-Key-Evaluation-Factsheet.pdf (

29. Continuous Glucose Monitoring and the Swiss Cheese Theory!

International Consensus on Time in Range: Article

Clinical Targets for Continuous Glucose Monitoring Data Interpretation: Recommendations From the International Consensus on Time in Range JUNE 08 2019

ADE-Interpreting Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) data.

Australian Diabetes Society AGP Consensus Statement on utilising the Ambulatory Glucose Data Profile Combined with the Glucose Pattern Sumary to support clinical decision making in diabetes care

30. Nothing sticks like Omnipod! – sponsored by Insulet

VIRTUAL PDM – Omnipod® Virtual Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) | Omnipod® Australia


HCP Website –