EdHealth Australia … experts in diabetes care for people with cognitive disability across Australia



A disability should not stop a person with diabetes from being able to get the best care for their diabetes. EdHealth Australia is a pioneer in the diabetes support needs of people with a cognitive and/or psychosocial disability. We have developed a suite of person centred services that are individualised to address the specific needs of each person with a disability and their circle of support. We set them up to receive and benefit from high quality diabetes care support.    

Our Diabetes 4 Disability (D4D) online training program for disability support workers has a flexible format so it can be adapted to meet the needs of any person with diabetes. This includes training of support workers to be able to give any of the injectable diabetes medications. We also provide comprehensive Diabetes Management Plans that are easy for the support workers to read and action. Picture resources can also be added to further support the person unable to read. We are a Registered NDIS Provider and can deliver our services anywhere in Australia!