DE@Connect is a new online space shining a light on grassroots diabetes education. Created by Jayne Lehmann, a Credentialled Diabetes Educator well know for creative and innovative practice, DE@Connect is a place to celebrate, strengthen and support grassroots diabetes care and education.

The diabetes care industry can partner with DE@Connect to support diabetes educators to embed evidence based care into grassroots practice. These partnerships will create accessible and free resources, articles, blogs, YouTube videos, Twitter chats, Newsletters, forums and tips and tricks to support diabetes educators to deliver contemporary approaches for quality diabetes care and education in their interactions with people with diabetes.

A partnership with DE@Connect offers new and creative opportunities to support quality diabetes care education in Australia.

Partnership Opportunities

Advertising on the site

Advertising in the DEConnect newsletter – sole or multiple company option currently available

Education grant to write articles, advertorials, case study explorations, multiple choice knowledge checks etc.

Education grant to develop resources to support evidence translation into practice

Taped interviews

Twitter chats

Product review and roadtests – written and video

Other suggestions are welcome!

Partnering with DE@Connect is like partnering with grassroots diabetes education to highlight the benefits of your company’s diabetes care products.

To find out more contact Jayne Lehmann.