Monday 30th March 2020

Diabetes educators can provide diabetes education consultations on the phone or online from today. These appointments will be bulk billed directly to Medicare. We will be calling people who we have received referrals for, to make phone or online appointments.

Tuesday 24th March, 2020

The COVID19 pandemic is changing the way health services provide their consultations. I have reviewed EdHealth Australia’s services and all face-to-face appointments have been cancelled for the forseeable future. This strategy aims to decrease the need for clients to risk exposure to people who could be infected by the coronavirus unnecessarily.

You can download this easy English handout, by the Growing Space,. on COVID19.  It explains in a simple way about the corona virus, COVID19 restrictions and how to help protect yourself from contracting the virus. Great for people with intellectual disability and anyone who wants easy to read information.

Easy English Coronavirus handout by The Growing Space (26March2020)

Telehealth is on the way!

The Commonwealth Government’s Health Minister, Hon. Greg Hunt, announced at the beginning of this week he will be opening up phone consultations and online video sessions for eligible Credentialled

Diabetes Educators to provide Medicare reimbursable services by the end of this week. I will be providing these options for diabetes education appointments once they become available and systems have been put in place for them to occur.

Current appointments have been cancelled and new referrals have not yet been booked.

Once the details of the Medicare services for CDEs during COVID19 have been finalised and announced we will get in contact with people and see if you would like your appointment via a phone call or online video session.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and keep up to date with the precautions you need to take to stay safe in these uncertain and challenging times.

Jayne Lehmann BN(Ed) DipAppSc(Nsg) FADEA RN CDE

Director and CDE, EdHealth Australia