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Course Introduction

Welcome to the Diabetes 4 Disability support online course. This will help you to learn the knowledge and skills required to provide quality diabetes care support to your client/customers with diabetes.

There are three Modules in the Course:

Module 1: Diabetes Care Support

A general overview of what diabetes is, lifestyle management (diet, exercise, stress management), medication management, overview of associated health problems and health care professionals, role of the support worker and examples of strategies they can use to support people to be actively involved in their own diabetes care.

Module 2: Blood Glucose Monitoring

The theory and practice of blood glucose monitoring and how to encourage the active involvement of people with diabetes. You will need a blood glucose monitor and quality control solution to practice using the meter in this Module.

Module 3: Insulin support and administration by support workers

The theory and practice of insulin administration and support and how to encourage the client to be actively involved in their own diabetes care.  You will need an insulin delivery device like the one you will be using with your client/customer so you can practice using the device in this module.

The Online Skills Check with one of the EdHealth Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE).

This is arranged with your organisation and you will be advised of the date and time to attend the session. 

The CDE answers any questions you have in relation to the content and provides tips on using the information in the course to support your client/customer with diabetes. She will also check your technique using a blood glucose meter and insulin delivery device if you are also doing Module 2 and Module 3.


  1. Click on the Lesson 1 link below to start Module 1.
  2. Work through the six lessons and quizzes to complete the course work for Module 1.
  3. As you do the Module, consider how it applies to the person you are supporting as you do the lessons. How will you encourage them to be involved in their own diabetes care, taking into account their intellectual or physical limitations.
  4. Do Module 1’s Final Quiz at the end of Lesson 6. You are allowed up to two goes at achieving a score of 81% or more to pass Module 1.
  5. Once your group of participants successfully pass the Module, a certificate is forwarded to your organisation and they forward it onto you,

Any problems accessing the content or functionality of the on-line aspects of the course please contact Bree:

M: 0412 102 048    E- office@edhealth.com.au

Author: Edhealth Australia

I have written and produced the Diabetes Care in the Community Course for Support Workers. I am also the administrator of the course.