Are private practice Credentialled Diabetes Educators on the endangered list?

Jayne Lehmann BN(Ed) DipAppSc(Nsg RN CDE The Medicare funded Chronic Disease Management program has provided reimbursement for people with diabetes to see a Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE) in primary care since 2004. Introduced as an eligible service in the Chronic Disease Management program, given the 1.4million people living with diabetes in Australia, you would expect

BLOG: Reach out to learn and be inspired!

Who doesn’t love the chance to visit another health service for a tour and bit of an explore? It’s like the old school excursion… a chance to move away from the day-to-day to add to the learnings already achieved within their usual classroom environment. I have been lucky enough to do just that as a mentor

Tales of a Libre Virgin

With a sense of anticipation I moved towards the secret room on the Abbott stand in the morning tea break at the ADS ADEA annual scientific meeting in Perth this week. The sparkling yellow box drew my eye as a nervous laugh broke the awkwardness of the situation. Before I knew it … I was