From here to arthroscopy!

I know … it’s been a while…. To be completely honest I’ve been putting off writing this blog. We were just getting to know each other … you were so keen for me to succeed … your emails, messages and best wishes really meant a lot to me. OK, so I’m just going to say

Ballet, beach balls and growing up … a recipe for obesity

Dance was a delight of my childhood. I went to Theaterama ballet school, in the basement of one of our beautiful old Adelaide buildings. After school one day a week I would catch the bus to ballet, returning Saturday mornings for further classes. I studied classical ballet (Chechetti method for the ballet enthusiasts!) modern dance,

Dance. The new black in exercise!

I love to dance. I did a lot of dancing in my youth: modern, classical and pointe. Then there was a brief foray at the dance school my daughters went to, in the adult tap/jazz class some years ago; even appeared in the end of year concert for a couple of years! My promising tap

And then … an unexpected glitch

Gym sessions were progressing well given I had turned up each day of the weekend for a workout.  I was off to a great start to the week, presenting a 2 day Ausmed diabetes conference to update the participants in their diabetes care skills. Consequently I was on my feet all day and on Monday night

Jayne’s ‘turn back the clock’ journey begins!

Apprehensive, my youngest daughter Charlotte and I made our way up the steps to Goodlife gym in Mitcham, South Australia … and what do I do? Trip up said steps in full view of reception!  There’s nothing like making an entrance as my diabetes colleagues can attest I have been known to do with friend and