We need YOU to act on health literacy

How many of you give people a form or handout … or two or three … about their health and the conditions they need to manage? I’d say all of you! Forms are a necessary part of many of our days and handouts provide an easy way to share information, reinforce what we have been

Insulin pens … A matter of environment impact

In Australia, the majority of people give their insulin using disposable pens, which, once empty, contributes a significant amount of rubbish to landfill. Is it time the diabetes community improves its environmental report card by getting more people with diabetes to switch to a more environmentally friendly insulin delivery device? The three insulin companies, Lily,

Book Review: Yoga for Diabetes by Rachel Zinman

In the diabetes world there are people who inspire with their unique diabetes journey and Rachel Zinman can add her name to this special list. ‘Yoga for Diabetes’ was written by Rachel to share her 30 plus year journey with yoga, a central tenet of her life. Rachel has used yoga and Ayurveda to help

Let’s talk about the word … ‘patient’

The #languagematters movement continues to gather momentum as we challenge the status quo of continuing to use language that disempowers and makes many people with diabetes downright angry. Social media, diabetes related publications and conference/seminar organisers are highlighting the negative impact of the words many health professionals, journalists and the community generally use. They want us to not use negative language but instead

DA Week Top #5 Hacks … Hitting glucose targets!

This Diabetes Awareness Week,”It’s about time … more people with diabetes were assisted to reach their glucose targets.”  With over 50% of people with diabetes not reaching their glycaemic target, it’s time for health professionals to act! 1 Stop the blame game of saying people are ‘non-compliant’ with their diabetes care. Ask yourself, ‘Am I giving