Power of 2 is an education and consultancy partnership bringing together 72 years of diabetes care, education and lived experience. Well known in the Australian diabetes care and education market, Principal Consultants, Jayne Lehmann and Kirrily Chambers, use their diverse but complementary insights to help businesses magnify their impact.

They bring a unique perspective that’s good for business including:

  • Presentations that health professionals want to hear … that move an audience and inspire action
  • New perspectives on target markets and marketing campaigns
  • The design or review of education and support resources for people with diabetes and health professionals
  • Articles that engage and educate readers.


Messaging and marketing strategies are language perfect as Jayne and Kirrily passionately promote, and are proficient in, the Diabetes Australia Language Statement recommendations. Getting the right language, tone and feel to an article, web page, or presentation helps to engage an audience to stop … consider … and be motivated to act.

Jayne and Kirrily, both creative, innovative and high achieving pioneers in their respective specialties of nursing and pharmacy respectively, have amassed an impressive tally of 25 awards.

They do not disappoint!

Jayne and Kirrily record a regular podcast on all things diabetes. Click below and listen to some of the episodes they have recorded on a broad range of topics.

Click here for the Power of 2 Podcast!

Jayne Lehmann RN CDE Kirrily Chambers Pharmacist CDE
E: jayne@edhealth.com.au E: kirrily.chambers@gmail.com
M: 0412 102 048 M: 0408 804 114
W:  www.edhealth.com.au