Quality diabetes care is only possible if those supporting or caring for people with diabetes 2017 Jayne head shop_edited-2have up-to-date knowledge and skills.  Jayne Lehmann is a Registered Nurse and Credentialled Diabetes Educator with over thirty years experience in the care of people with diabetes. Jayne also studied education as the major of her Bachelor of Nursing and is well known for highly evaluated, interactive, effective and dynamic education sessions.

Announced as the CDE of the Year in South Australia in 2017, Jayne’s humour, interaction, clinical examples and individualisation of content delivers an enjoyable and effective education process.

Who needs staff education about diabetes care?

Aged care        disability support services          diabetes care professionals           nurses        GPs support workers         allied health professionals         conference + seminar programs               university undergraduate and post graduate courses         community pharmacists + staff pharmaceutical industry.

What sort of education does Jayne offer?

Jayne provides staff education sessions to all health, disability and associated industries/organisations wanting to provide their staff with education on diabetes and its care. An education course and resources are available for the education of support workers in disability care. This provides a general overview and specific sessions on blood glucose monitoring and injecting insulin.

Jayne also presents:

  • Ausmed’s 2 day Diabetes Update in Adelaide each year
  • Diabetes Care in the Community education program for support workers and nurses caring for people with a disability. An on-line format will be available soon.

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To find out more and arrange a quotation on the services best suited to your organisation’s needs, contact Jayne.         Phone: 0412 102 048           Email: jayne@edhealth.com.au