Health professionals often say they don’t get the whole ‘social media thing’.  This seems to block many people from even checking out what it is all about so here’s some insights to whet your appetite to check it out some more!


We don’t currently have a Facebook page but many diabetes focussed organisations and health professionals do have one. They are interactive in that people can post information and ask questions, provide further input on a topic and interact in an informal manner. There are many closed groups for people with diabetes and health professionals to join focussed on a specific issue e.g. or group. There are a number of these that offer great peer support for people with diabetes.



This platform focuses on sharing photos with hashtags# to communicate a message. Images can inform, educate, inspire, motivate and entertain.



If you like your communication short and sweet this is the platform for you! Messages are shared between followers capped at 140 characters (news of a trial of 280 characters means this may be increased in the future). It is a way to keep in touch with a group of people, put a question out to the twittersphere and see what you get back and share links to resources.

Twitterchats are great for people with diabetes and young adults with diabetes have been quick to utilise what they see as a brilliant peer support platform. They love the peer support, education and motivation they gain from others with the same sorts of experiences.

Health professionals have generally been slow to embrace the Twittersphere but there are lots of insights to be gained from reading the tweets of others and also gathering the resources shared.


Here’s my challenge to you … the longer you put it off, the harder it is to get on board!

In less than 5 minutes you can get in on the new thing for diabetes resources, information, news and views all being shared via Twitter.

Twitter blog image       Don’t put it off any longer …  Do it now!
  1. Download the Twitter app onto your Smartphone, tablet or PC
  2. Create your account and handle (@xxxx)
  3. Search for @JayneEdHealth (Jayne Lehmann’s twitter account)
  4. Click follow.
  5. Send @JayneEdHealth a message (<140 characters) e.g. DE@Connect helped me join Twitter #diabetesedoz #seeacde
  6. I will follow you back!

teamBefore you know it heaps of information, resources and ideas to support people with diabetes will be at your fingertips – and its free!



Did you ever think an online forum with funny cat and puppy videos could be an education tool for diabetes educators?  Check out the experimentation Jayne Lehmann has been doing with You Tube to see how it can be used as a diabetes care and education strategy.

I have also produced short education clips on the use of insulin pens to reinforce the education I do with disability support workers. They are cheap and easy to do using a Smart Phone. I haven’t put them up on the site though but may do some of these in the future.

Don’t forget to subscribe and click like if the channel or video have been helpful and share the love by forwarding the link to others you know who would benefit from the information.


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