Jayne Lehmann provides a range of diabetes focussed consultancy services within South Australia and across Australia. Accessed for her broad diabetes care experience, leading insights and innovative thinking Jayne provides practical and targeted input to a range of organisationsRead a profile Flinders University of South Australia published in November 2017 on Jayne’s work!

Services include…

  • Chair/MC/presenter/facilitator at conferences and professional development sessions2017 Jayne presenting
  • Advisory board and committee membership
  • Presentation of lectures, dinner meetings, seminars, conference sessions and webinars
  • Social media content, website content, advertorials, articles, blogs, medical content and sponsored articles
  • Business planning support
  • Mentoring for Registered Nurses, Credentialled Diabetes Educators and CDE small business owners
  • Clinical observation session for health professionals and students enrolled in health related courses to gain clinical experience
  • Design and implementation of diabetes care strategies for aged care, disability support organisations and health services
  • Design and evaluation of diabetes care resources for pharmaceutical and technology companies
  • Market insights and promotion advice
  • Strategy/resource review in relation to diabetes care products
  • Organisational policy and procedure development on diabetes care
  • Facilitation of panel hypotheticals in education sessions/programs

Who benefits from the services?

  • Aged care and residential care organisations
  • Community pharmacy and retail pharmacy groups
  • Credentialled Diabetes Educators in private practice
  • Diabetes care and support organisations
  • Disability care and support organisations
  • Diabetes Technology companies
  • Exercise industry
  • Government and non government instrumentalities and organisations
  • Health care professional staff education businesses
  • Print and social media publications
  • Pharmaceutical organisations
  • Universities and higher education organisations.

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