Getting diabetes back on track–insulin management customised just for you

Diabetes is a condition with different ages and stages. As a result, people with diabetes often have to be able to adapt to the changing needs of their condition. Some people will need to start to use insulin while those already on insulin will require a change in their dose from time-to-time to keep the glucose levels on track to good health.

A referral from the GP to EdHealth’s services ensures the communication channels are created between health professionals for the insulin prescribing and dose changes.

Many people feel scared, unsettled or disappointed they need to start insulin therapy. There may be fear of the needle, apprehension about their ability to self inject or the potential for low blood glucose levels or disappointment that they have not been able to keep things on track without insulin. This is all very normal.

As a Credentialled Diabetes Educator Jayne has helped hundreds of people through the process of learning and mastering their insulin injections. With the right education and support people find it is not as hard as they thought it would be to move onto insulin.

Jayne  is also a registered provider with each of the insulin company education and support programs. Jayne provides education and support for people with type 2 diabetes starting insulin and dose review and re-stabilisation. These services are provided free of charge, as the insulin company pays the registered Credentialled Diabetes Educators to provide the service on their behalf. Equally some of the Medicare reimbursed Chronic Disease Management referrals can also be used to support accessing the service.

Insulin commencement and management support programs available
from EdHealth Australia
Company Program Insulins covered
Lilly Australia Lilly Diabetes Support
Humalog Mix 25
Humalog Mix 50
Novo Nordisk Helping Hands Novo Rapid,
NovoMix 30
EdHealth Australia’s CDE Jayne Lehmann is a registered provider of these programmes.

This service is available for people who need to:

  • Start insulin for the first time
  • Change to a new insulin
  • Start a second insulin
  • Need to have the insulin dose changed.
  • Please note women with Gestational Diabetes are not covered by the insulin company programs however Jayne does provide this service as a fee for service offering. Find out more.

How do I access this free service?

Talk to your general practitioner or endocrinologist/medical specialist. Ask for a referral to the
appropriate support program (the one that supports the insulin you use, or will be using)
and ask them to include Jayne Lehmann as the Credentialled Diabetes Educator they wish to
refer you to for support.

GP Insulin commencement referral  – Insulin Commencement and Titration Programmes

Feel free to print this information and take it to your doctor. Your Dr can fill-in the referral
form and email to Jayne. Once received, you will be contacted and an
appointment made to commence your education and insulin stabilisation.