2016 ID man riding bikeThe work Registered Nurse and Credentialled Diabetes Educator Jayne Lehmann does in the care of people with intellectual disability and diabetes is person centred in a way few others can achieve. That’s because she understands that it is challenging to have an intellectual disability.

Jayne has a 25 year old daughter who has a severe intellectual disability from Dravet Syndrome and Sarah’s care has taught her things a book never could. With  support workers regularly assisting with Sarah’s care, Jayne began to also understand the expectations and limitations on these workers when providing support with no health training.

Jayne also has 33 years of diabetes care experience. Mix all that together and you have someone who really understands the challenges for people with intellectual disability, support workers and disability support organisations when it comes to supporting people with their diabetes care. 

Jayne is a popular presenter and advocate, encouraging health professionals to create accessible services to people with different disabilities for the same quality of diabetes care as people without a disability.

Meet the Port Pirie support workers Jayne presented the Diabetes Care in the Community program to in Port Pirie in July 2018!


A range of of services supporting quality diabetes care for people with a disability are offered by Jayne. They all focus on a person centred approach and the active involvement of the individual, to the best of their ability.

Services include:

Why not read Jayne’s blog that explains why it isn’t illegal to have support workers give insulin injections!      Click here!

    • Consultancy to assist organisations to develop a diabetes care strategy or with the review of challenging diabetes support issues.
    • On-line video consultancy using CoViu for organisations wanting to access Jayne’s input no matter where they are in Australia. 

Who has already used Jayne’s services?

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Awards … there’s been a few!

Jayne has received a number of awards in relation to her work with people with diabetes and intellectual disability. In 2010 the Peter Edward’s Memorial Award was presented to Jayne for services as an advocate and educator of people with a disability in South Australia. In 2011 Abbott Diabetes Care awarded their Services Grant of $10,000 to her, in September 2011, to design a Diabetes Action Plan Clinic for People with Intellectual Disabilities at Minda services in South Australia.

In 2013 the Australian Diabetes Educators Association acknowledged a resource she developed using pictures and very simple text to support people with intellectual disabilities to make a salad, winning first prize in the Journey to Healthy Eating Habits Innovative teaching award.

Then in 2018, Jayne was awarded Honorary Life Membership of the Australian Diabetes Educators Association for outstanding and innovative contributions across diabetes and the disability sectors. (Photo left with ADEA President, Brett Fenton).